airport people



Airport People is the collection of music, philosophy, and code by me, Leon. I compose neo-classical minimalist music, think about epistemology, and educate in data science at Metis.1

I live in a little house in Fountain Square, Indianapolis, IN, with my partner Grace and our dog Lyra. Currently, I am working on my second full-length Airport People album, expected to release at the beginning of 2021.


Since the beginning of commercial flight, the international or domestic airport has been a meeting place for people from all over the world: family, friends, enemies, strangers, co-workers, and colleagues alike. I always found a sort of romanticism in the interactions of people at these meeting places. When family members greet one another for the first time in ages, or when co-workers are escaping the office to travel to a new world, or when individuals are just waiting to get from point A to point B, we are all the same.


This website is a hub for my music and philosophy, and my code can be found on GitHub.

  1. In fact, my passion is in data/machine ethics, and how it influences or is influenced by our interpretation and deployment of machine learning algorithms. ↩︎