Airport People



Airport People is the collection of music, philosophy, and code by me, Leon. I compose post-classical minimalist music, think about epistemology, and educate in data ethics.1

I live in a little house in Fountain Square, Indianapolis, IN, with my partner and my dog. Currently, I am working on my second full-length Airport People album, expected to release at the beginning of 2021.


Since the beginning of commercial flight, international and domestic airports have been a meeting place for people from all over the world: family, friends, enemies, strangers, co-workers, and colleagues alike. I always found a sort of romanticism in the interactions of people at these meeting places. When family members greet one another for the first time in ages, or when co-workers are escaping the office to travel to a new world, or when individuals are just waiting to get from point A to point B, we are all the same. Everyone is in a pure state of being, diluted to their own dasein-like manifestation in the monist universe.


This website is a hub for my music and philosophy, where my code can be found on GitHub.

  1. In fact, I teach data science. But, my specialization is in data ethics, and how it influences or is influenced by our interpretation and deployment of machine learning algorithms. In this era of Prenatal Artificial Intelligence, I believe data ethics and the philosophy thereof is of the utmost importance. ↩︎